Expertise in a broad range
of cell-based assays

At Genel, we possess expertise in a broad range of cell-based assays to mimic disease-related phenotypes.

Our cellular biology know-how allows us to determine the most efficient, appropriate assay design. Our proven experience in high-content screening enables us to ensure statistically-assisted assay optimization.

cell-based assay

Transforming your biological questions into phenotypic tests.

Large panel of readouts:

  •     Signal transduction pathways
  •     Subcellular components
  •     Protein localization
  •     Cytotoxicity  

  •     Interferon response
  •     Cell proliferation
  •     Differentiation
  •     DNA damage
  •     …customized assays/outputs

Organelle observation
Understand muscles’ energy production using organelle observation
Keratinocyte differenciation
Estimate the level of keratin 18/19 protein to study keratinocyte differentiation
Cell proliferation
Evaluate EdU incorporation to observe cell proliferation
Visualize gamma-H2AX foci to assess DNA damage
Micro RNA visualisation
Identify the location of the miR let7 using proprietary hybridization
Protein detection
Study the totipotency of hES cells using protein detection

Cell-based Screening optimization

We are able to estimate the number of replicates and the number of cells that must be analyzed to get a statistically reliable screen. Before each screen, we propose an optimized quote that reduces repetition—and cuts costs.

  •     Save time by capturing only the number of images actually needed
  •     Plan ahead for future phenotypic screening conditions
  •     Increase your chances of target discovery success  
high-confidence interpretation of biological data
from primary cells and 3d cellular models